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CVHS Volleyball // 2014-15




Download your order form here for in-person ordering or visit the CVHS Volleyball Gallery to view and shop online! (Click my.Shoot on the Menu Bar)

Our studio is open by appointment only. Text Karynn Tuesday – Friday 9am-6pm to make an appointment!




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Canyon View Talons // 2014-15 // Drill Team


There are certain jobs I get insanely passionate about. The moment I was asked to take their portraits last year, I was incredibly giddy inside and I could only wait and hope that they would ask me again. I wonder if I even let Krysten finish her sentence before I answered, or did I scream, yes!!

The concept I planned called for different weather. In other words, it did not call for dark storm clouds or rain. But that did not deter these all-terrain dancers from working the rugged runway! The only way to get amazing shots is to work with phenomenal people who are genuinely up for anything.

The Canyon View Talons proved that they have the attitudes to succeed and win no matter what the task. I give credit to each and every one of them, but the greatest compliment I can give is to their inspirational coach, Krysten Reynolds. She had the power to direct the mood of this entire photoshoot – you can see from the photos exactly where she went with that. That is influence for good. That is motivation and inspiration.

That is heart!


Introducing the Canyon View Talons…




A few girls chose to stay after and brave the dark, windy and rainy night for some magical runway shots.

They certainly worked it, despite the conditions!


Every minute was my pleasure! I can’t wait to do it again! (PLEEEASEE!!)


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Shop Homecoming Trends // tgiff

BLM_5623Upper class: Morgan really knows how to class it up with her long black gloves and a bold lip color to match her gorgeous red dress.




Flatter yourself: Jaylee knows which colors compliment & show off her gorgeous hair and skin tones. And we love how this fitted waist falls into a full skirt.




Optional: Skyla gave herself options with this dress. The beautiful detail gathered at the side and the full tulle bottom can go in a formal direction, but the hot pink just screams fun! We love how she played up the fun side with her hair and makeup!



PFBB: Party in the front, business in the back! Cassidy chose this incredibly sassy red dress with cheerful detail around the waist and a playful layered skirt. It fits her perfectly! Especially her personality – sassy, cheerful and playful with a bit of party, but as President of the Debate club, this girl knows how to get down to business!



Back in Black: Classic and elegant and incredibly flattering – Delaney looks divine in her not-so-little black dress with flowing skirt and subtle detail.


Let Lace: A little satin, a little lace, a little sheer – Lia’s layers look like a luxuriously wrapped gift. Her creamy skin tone and dark hair are the perfect combination with this bright pop of lacy pink.



Chartreuse with envy: Alysha’s dress seems simple enough – the shape flows softly behind her as she twirls for the camera, but the colorful detail down the front and the chartreuse fabric itself make quite a statement. And she’s as sweet as she is beautiful. Envious much?


Inspired: This dress, with it’s vibrant colors and combination of sparkling and voluminous frayed features certainly seem inspired by the magnificence of the peacock. Abi and I share a slight obsession with the majestic bird, making this one of the favorites of the collection.


Ruffled Up: Some shine, some sparkle, and a whole lot of ruffle on the bottom of this hot pink number – Amanda found a dress that flatters her fit figure perfectly – and looks amazing with her lingering summer tan.



Pewter princess: This dress is simply stunning on Kate. The heavily sequined and beaded detail envelops the entire gown. It almost looks heavy because of the metallic appearance, but the weight vanishes as it lightly drapes the floor. We adore the dangling earrings and eye-catching side-swept hairstyle Kate opted for.2PLATIN


All dresses can be found at Celebrate the Occasions right here in Cedar!

Celebrate the Occasions

491 S. Main #6, Cedar City, UT 84720

(435) 586-1465


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Hollie and Paisley // Her mama’s wedding dress

This gorgeous bride had her wedding gown transformed into a blessing dress for her beautiful baby girl. And I was lucky enough to photograph both – a year apart in front of the same farmlands of sunflowers.

Bride-Bless3When Hollie told me about her plans to take pictures in the same fields, it was only a few weeks ago and I was so upset because I was completely booked and I knew I would miss the sunflowers altogether by the time I could get her in. Then, as fate would have it, I had a client reschedule! I’ve been looking forward to it ever since, planning and dreaming of what it would look like. As the clouds rolled in, I was literally watching my dream come to fruition .  I pointed to the spot where I wanted Hollie to stand and started shooting – before she was ready; before she even knew I was because it was exactly what I had pictured and planned for so long.  Bride-Bless1

Seeing Paisley wearing the exact same dress was truly a strange experience! The detail on the original gown is three-dimensional. Hollie’s aunt Debbie transformed it into this beautiful blessing gown for sweet baby girl, Paisley. And all within a week! She had to remove each individual flower and reattach it to make it work. This work of art is a work of love and family, as well.


A year ago, Hollie wore her wedding gown with hope and excitement as she looked down to see her wedding bouquet and her brand new engagement ring. Today, she looks down at the little girl who wears it again – the sweet bundle she and her husband Jeremy brought into the world three months ago. I am honored to have been part of these most important moments of their lives.




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